Welcome to MCB Lauren Leary!

Hear from Program Specialist Lauren Leary

What is your educational background?

I have a BS in Psychology from Colorado State University and an MA in Sustainable Development: International Policy & Management with a focus on Program Monitoring and Evaluation and Social Entrepreneurship from the School for International Training (SIT Graduate Institute) Washington DC Campus.

What is your position? When did you start working in MCB?

I am a Program Specialist (PS) and started work in October, 2015.

What attracted you to work for NSF?

I have always been fascinated by science and enjoy understanding complex systems and processes. Studying nature and various components of science inspires creativity in all facets of my life, particularly my photography, and I am excited to learn more about scientific innovations and research that is being conducted. NSF seems like the perfect place to quench my thirst for knowledge around areas I am most passionate about: psychology, data visualization, education, art, nature, and biodiversity & wildlife conservation. It also seems like a great place to grow professionally, and the fact that it sits high on the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government ranking doesn’t hurt either. 😉

What have you learned so far from your position?

I have learned a lot about the directorate, the ways in which NSF’s funding contributes to scientific advances and sustainable development, am slowly starting to learn the nuances of the systems I will use as a PS, and best of all, that the people who work here are genuine, passionate, and kind people who I am looking forward to getting to know more throughout my time here.

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