Claudia Garcia and Thomasina Osborne honored by the National Science Foundation

Claudia Garcia and Thomasina Osborne of the Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Division were recognized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as the 2015 recipients of the NSF Director’s Award for Excellence in Teamwork. Recipients of this award have achieved significant organizational results as a team.

Claudia Garcia works as a Program Specialist and Thomasina Osborne works as a Program & Technology Analyst. They provide administrative support to the Division. Furthermore, they assist Program Directors with the proposal cycle, which includes compliance checking, panel set-up, and award distribution.

Claudia Garcia and Thomasina Osborne were recognized for “their exemplary professionalism, dedication, and spirit of teamwork when handling extraordinary workloads during a period of low staffing and leadership change.” Join us in congratulating Claudia and Thomasina as the Division celebrates this outstanding recognition.

Photo Courtesy: NSF/Sandy Schaeffer

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