Supplemental Funding Pays!

Attention PIs! Supplemental funding for enhancing students’ readiness to enter the workforce is not only available – it’s been a big hit with participants, too. Read our blog highlights over the next several weeks to hear what they have to say about the positive impact of this funding on their career development. Details about supplemental funding for workforce preparation are available in DCL NSF 16-067 (Improving Graduate Student Preparedness for Entering the Workforce, Opportunities for Supplemental Support). More information about supplemental support in general may be found on page 81 of the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide.

Remember: supplemental funding is still available. Check in with your students to discover their interests, then call your MCB Program Officer to discuss your supplemental funding request…today!

— MCB staff members Lourdes Holloway and Megan Lewis contributed to this report.

Jacob Beason Award #1644543; Jay Keasling, P.I. University of California-Berkeley. In his own words: "This program has allowe me the freedome to increase my professional tool box and to network in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. This has been a fantastic opportunity that I would highly recommend to others." What he learned: "The funding enabled me to engage with multiple communcation and leadership training workshops, where I discovered a love for science communication. Whether it be with the public, policy makders, or potential funding bodies for entrepreneurail ventures, I have found a massive amount of enjoyment refining scientific messages using the skills I learne from this training." DEVIN BENDIXSEN, Award #1644569. Eric Hayden, P.I. Boise State University. In his own words: "The funding allowed me to explore my interest in bioinformatics and helped me realize that this is something that I really enjoy and want to focus on in my career.” Professional Development: “I developed more skills in bioinformatics through on line coursework on Genomic Data Science, attended the 2017 iEvoBio Conference, which expanded my understanding of computational analysis of evolutionary data, and developed a collaboration with Bjorn Ostman (UCLA). This has been tremendously helpful in my professional development.”

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