NSF 23-554

The National Science Foundation, in partnership with the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute, announces the release of the 2023 Molecular Foundations for Biotechnology (MFB) solicitation (NSF 23-554). The MFB program invites proposals to develop fundamentally new approaches in molecular sciences to drive new directions in biotechnology.

In recent years, fundamental discoveries and technological breakthroughs have revealed a rich landscape of coding and noncoding RNA functions in the cell. The variety and prominent roles of RNAs in enabling and regulating cellular growth, development, and a myriad of functions present exciting opportunities for mechanistic research coupled with technological development centered on this versatile nucleic acid. This solicitation calls for proposals to develop and provide proof-of-concept testing of tools, methodology and/or theory that address one or both themes below:

  1. Accelerate fundamental discoveries about RNA structure, interactions, and functions at molecular or genome and transcriptome-wide scales, and/or
  2. Create innovative RNA-based applications for various sectors of the bioeconomy such as agriculture, energy production, or efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, improve environmental sustainability, and/or combat global pandemics.

Letter of Intent Due Date (required): March 16, 2023

Full Proposal Due Date:  May 11, 2023

Register for information sessions with live Q&A:

Check the MFB program site for information on additional sessions.

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