MCB Contact Points

Division Leadership

Dr. Theresa Good

 Dr. Theresa Good, Acting Division Director


Dr. Karen Cone, Acting Deputy Division Director

Cellular Dynamics and Function Cluster

Dr. Gregory Warr

Dr. Gregory Warr, Program Director Cluster Leader

Clouse, Steven

Dr. Steven Clouse, Program Director

Cunningham, Charles

Dr. Charles Cunningham, Program Director


Dr. Richard Cyr, Program Director

 Genetic Mechanisms Cluster


Dr. Arcady Mushegian, Program Director Cluster Leader

Casonya Johnsonbiology

Dr. Casonya Johnson, Program Director

This is a headshot style photo of Dr. Michael Weinreich. He is wearing a checkered dress shirt and a black jacket.

Dr. Michael Weinreich, Program Director


Dr. Anthony Garza, Program Director

Molecular Biophysics Cluster


Dr. Engin Serpersu, Program Director Cluster Leader

Francisco, Wilson

Dr. Wilson Francisco, Program Director


Dr. Jarek Majewski, Program Director

Systems and Synthetic Biology Cluster


Dr. Larry Halverson, Program Director Cluster Leader

This is a headshot style photograph of Dr. Devaki Bhaya smiling at the camera with glasses on her head. Wearing silver jewelry and a black shirt, she is standing in front of forest covered mountains.

Dr. Devaki Bhaya, Program Director

Dr. E.J. Crane, Program Director

Eggleston, William

Dr. William Eggleston, Program Director

Administrative Staff


Dr. Reyda Gonzalez-Nieves, Acting Operations Manager

David Barley, Program Analyst

Helig, Philip

Philip Helig, Science Assistant


Ann photo

Ann Larrow, Program Specialist

Megan Lewis Headshot 2016

Megan Lewis, Program Assistant


Grace Malato, Biologist


Valerie Samantha Maizel, Administrative Support Assistant

Alexis Patullo Headshot 2016

Alexis Patullo, Program Assistant

Kelly Parshall Headshot 2016

Kelly Parshall, Program Specialist

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