One of the best ways to communicate in-person with MCB leadership and program directors is at scientific conferences, meetings, seminars, and other outreach events. The following plans are tentative, and subject to change without notification. We will periodically update this page with new travel plans. You can use this information to find MCB at Your Meeting!

Division Leadership

Dr. Theresa Good, Division Director

Dr. Karen Cone, Acting Deputy Division Director

Dr. Michelle Elekonich, Acting Deputy Division Director

  • TBD

Cellular Dynamics and Function Cluster

Dr. Gregory Warr, Program Director Cluster Leader

Dr. Steven Clouse, Program Director

Dr. Charles Cunningham, Program Director

  • TBD

Dr. Richard Cyr, Program Director

  • TBD

Genetic Mechanisms Cluster

Dr. Arcady Mushegian, Program Director Cluster Leader

  • TBD

Dr. Karen Cone, Program Director

Dr. Casonya Johnson, Program Director

  • TBD

Dr. Michael Weinreich, Program Director

  • TBD

Dr. Anthony Garza, Program Director

  • TBD

Molecular Biophysics Cluster

Dr. Engin Serpersu, Program Director

Dr. Wilson Francisco, Program Director

Dr. Jarek Majewski, Program Director

  • TBD

Systems and Synthetic Biology Cluster

Dr. Larry Halverson, Program Director Cluster Leader

  • TBD

Dr. Devaki Bhaya, Program Director

Dr. E.J. Crane, Program Director

Dr. William Eggleston, Program Director