Interagency Synthetic Biology Working Group (SBWG) website now live

Snapshot of SBWG website homepage

Research in synthetic and engineering biology is applicable to a variety of sectors, including biomanufacturing, defense, energy, agriculture, and medicine, all of which can be used to support our nation’s growing bioeconomy. The Interagency Synthetic Biology Working Group (SBWG) works to facilitate coordination and collaboration across the United States Government agencies as it pertains to synthetic and engineering biology. The SBWG’s website is now live and can be found at and lists available funding opportunities, funding agencies, events, and other resources.

The SBWG, which includes representatives from agencies such as the NSF, National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Standards, USDA, NASA and Department of Defense, was charged by the Biological Sciences Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council with the overarching goal of promoting interagency science and technology policy coordination.