This is an image of a swimming pool to advertise the STEM Diversity and Inclusion and Video Exhibition (STEM DIVE). The water in the pool contains the words innovation, exhibition, prizes, diversity, video, increase, and broadenting.

Re-posted from “IOS in Focus,” the weekly blog from the Division of Integrative Organismal Systems.

Have you been the recipient of NSF funding for a project that included partnerships for increasing diversity and inclusion in the STEM workforce?

Want to win one of (4) $2,500 Expert’s Choice Awards or one of (2) $1250 People’s Choice Awards AND be featured on various NSF platforms?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) invites you to submit a 1- to 3-minute video that showcases how your NSF-funded work has led to innovative, effective, and replicable approaches to building a diverse and inclusive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce through partnerships.

For more information on how to submit an entry, visit the competition website: